How to apply for the Jason E Fisher grant program?

Jason E Fisher is the pioneer of Fisher CAC, a consulting firm focusing on Community Association and serving businesses. It includes condominiums, homeowners, timeshares, and cooperative associations. He has worked as an advisor with company associations and also companies for over twenty years. He is a philanthropist who firmly believes in the significance of corporate social responsibility. Acknowledges the implication of education and its role in career build-up. He is aware of the hardship of students who are coming from low socio-economic backgrounds.

The increasing tuition fees and also other related expenditures are developing new obstacles in excellent students’ paths. In this regard, Jason E Fisher provides financial assistance to admirable and also worthy students throughout the country through the Grant Program. Several initiatives have been taken, by him, to make an optimistic influence on the community.

He is a Community Association leader as he has worked, with millions of community associations, in vast areas. Other fields of his association are governance, general operation, strategic planning, board training, best practices, and also management retention.

Overall view of Jason E Fisher grant program

The increasing college tuition fees of universities and also other educational institutions are exploiting the students. They are facing a lot of challenges in their realization of their higher education dream. The Jason E Fisher grant program aims to relieve the students who are facing the dilemma financially. Only the brightest minds will get it. It will fund their tuition and also fulfill their dream.  It is a one-time financial award for the excellent and most brilliant student.

For this, they have to demonstrate their academic and also talent excellence. You have to write an essay of seven hundred to eight-fifty words on the topic: explain an obstacle you’ve had to overcome in your life, how you overcame it, what you learned from the experience, and how you have changed your life as a result. The grant will be $1000 awarded to the most deserving individual.

The procedure of application

There are a few eligibility criteria that the student has to fulfill. It includes the following:

• The applicant must be either a freshman, super more, junior or high school student, and also in the process of being enrolled. In a credited American University or college.

• The applicant has to write an authentic, elaborate, and also persuasive essay within 700 to 850 words on the topic stated above. The application must have an original, detailed, and also thought-provoking essay on the topic.

For applying, you have to submit your essay in Word file to, along with the following details

• Email

• Entire name

• Current GPS

• Postal address

• Telephone number

• Expected date of graduation

• Details of University or college to which you have applied

• Current Resume

The final date of submission is 15th December 2021. There will be a declaration of the winner on 31st December 2021 on the website.

The grant money will get transferred to the bank account of the applicant.  They will have information via an official email. The candidate has to acknowledge as early as possible, to complete the process.