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December 15, 2021



About Jason E Fisher.

Jason E Fisher is the founder of Fisher CAC, a consulting firm focused on serving businesses and community associations, including homeowner, condominium, timeshare, and cooperative associations. He has over twenty years of experience as an advisor working with businesses and community associations in and around the real estate industry.

As a philanthropist, Jason firmly believes that in today’s world, corporate social responsibility is an important factor for any leader to take into account, especially when it comes to running a business. Therefore, no amount of success has stopped Jason from ensuring that he also fulfills his social responsibility. The Jason E Fisher Grant– aimed towards providing financial assistance to students throughout the country– is one of the many initiatives through which he gives back to the community.


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Humanitarian Activities

Jason E Fisher is a recognized leader in the community association’s field, having worked with hundreds of community associations in a broad spectrum of areas, including general operations, governance, best practices, board training, strategic planning, and management retention. He has also served as advisor and liaison to legal matters with an association’s legal counsel, engineers, and developers. Throughout his career, Jason has used his skills, abilities, and experience to solve numerous challenges, regardless of how complex they are, and to help people and communities reach their mission, vision, and goals.
Jason believes in the importance of pursuing higher education. He is also fully aware of what a huge financial undertaking going to college can be for many students from less privileged backgrounds, and how so many talented students throughout the country are held back from pursuing a degree because they do not have the financial means to do so. Having been associated with multiple philanthropic activities in the past, Jason has initiated the Jason E Fisher Grant program to help motivated students pursue their dreams without having to drop out or fall into debt.


December 15, 2021

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December 31, 2021



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Jason E Fisher Grant

It is a fact that college tuition fees in the United States are exorbitant. As a result, many students—especially those from underprivileged backgrounds—are not even given the opportunity to make use of their talents and abilities. Instead, they are left with the choice to either drop out of school, or to be burdened with debt after they graduate. The Jason E Fisher Grant aims to financially support students, so they do not have to face such a difficult dilemma. This grant will award some of the brightest minds throughout the country with a generous financial aid that will help them fund their tuition and ultimately, fulfill their dreams. Students, especially those who come from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, will benefit from this scholarship.
The Jason E Fisher Grant of $1,000 will be awarded to the most deserving candidate based on several criteria.
The grant is one-time financial reward for the brightest and most meritorious student who is able to demonstrate their talent and academic excellence. Candidates will be required to write an essay of 700-850 words on the following topic: Explain an obstacle you have had to overcome in your life, how you overcame it, what you learned from the experience, and how you have changed your life as a result.

Application Procedure:
In order to apply for the Jason E Fisher grant program, candidates must fulfill all eligibility criteria, which include the following:
• Applicants must be either a high school ( freshman, sophomore or junior ) and in the process of being enrolled in an accredited American colleges or universities
• Applicants must write an elaborate, authentic and persuasive essay of approximately 700-850 words on the topic: Explain an obstacle you have had to overcome in your life, how you overcame it, what you learned from the experience, and how you have changed your life as a result.
The Jason E Fisher Grant will be awarded to the most deserving and brilliant student based on evaluation of their application, which includes their essay. It is highly recommended that applicants compose a detailed, original, and thought-provoking essay on the given prompt.

The Jason E Fisher Grant is aone-time financial assistance of $1,000 awarded to the most deserving applicant.

How to apply:
In order to apply, please submit your essay as an attached WORD file to info@jasonefishergrant.com along with the following details:
• Entire name
• Telephone number
• Postal address
• Email
• Expected date of graduation
• Details of the university or college to which you have applied
• Current GPA
• Current resume

The final date for submission is on December 15, 2021

Winner selection:
The winner will be announced on December 31on www.jasonefishergrant.com.
The candidate with the most outstanding application will be selected to receive the grant, and informed via an official email, which they must acknowledge at the earliest. The prize money will then be sent directly to the student’s bank or aid account.